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Our Official R Frogs Gallery and "Frogman" Tim Cotterill both have many exciting things coming up. New Tim Cotterill releases are being announced almost monthly. We promise to keep you updated with all the latest "Frogman" news. Of course, we are always thinking of new and fun ways to show our clients just how much you mean to us. So watch out... This will be an exciting year at R Frogs Gallery and Official "Frogman" Tim Cotterill sculptures.

Last year we had guest from all over the US and Canada attended our Tim Cotterill Artist Show. Everyone had a wonderful time and of course enjoyed meeting with Tim the Frogman.

OUR 2014 "Frogman" show will be June 20 & 21. Make your plans now to attend this fantastic Tim Cotterill "Frogman" event.

* Official Frogman Tim Cotterill * The Worlds Largest Frogman Gallery * Guaranteed Lowest pricing on Frogman`s Sculpture * 100% Money Back Guarantee * Official Authorized Tim Cotterill "Frogman" Gallery * Huge inventory of new and older rare works. * Fast "Free" Shipping, No Sales Tax, Free Layaway

Tim Cotterill, FROGMAN, is world famous for his bronze frog collectables. He has an uncontrollable passion for frogs and loves everything about those bulgy-eyed beauties — their faces, their webbed feet, their springy legs and their antic nature. He incorporates every possible expression, contour, and subtlety of these amphibians into his colorful enameled bronzes. Growing up in Great Britain, he developed a lifelong love of things that go "jump" in the night. Says Tim, "As a little boy, I always loved looking for frogs in the fields of England." Tim Cotterill apprenticed as an engineer intrigued with metalworking and soon became a master of metal sculptures. For the next ten years, he created over a thousand bird and animal sculptures in metal, many of which were sold at Sotheby's. Once he moved to Venice Beach, California, Cotterill discovered frogs as a sculptural form through which he could express his delightful sense of humor. What makes Frogman’s frogs unique is that many bear human traits of different characters - a dancer, swimmer, the prince charming, etc. And these red-hot frogs are being snapped up by people all over the world, including many celebrities. Frogman's bronze frog, gecko and koi fish sculptures fly out of shops at an incredible rate. And, it is not just a US phenomenon….his collectors are all over the world. Since no two frogs are alike, the process is painstaking. Frogman begins by forming a pose on a wire frame. "Then I'll get car body filler and start laying it on and sanding it back until it builds and builds." Finally when it's smooth enough, he sends it off to a foundry to be cast in bronze. His passion is now making this modest Frogman a living. Guess all that daydreaming during school paid off! Tim Cotterill's bronze frog sculptures capture the whimsical character, the jewel-like quality, and the pure JOY of these beautiful little creatures. "Through the centuries and throughout the world, FROGS have symbolized many things - Good Luck, Royalty, Fertility, Magic Potions, Energy, Charm, Indiscretion, etc., etc. In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not. It's Elegant, Stylish, Whimsical, Unique, and is pure FUN! It makes people SMILE! When we smile and laugh it releases endomorphines all through our body and mind. The more we smile, laugh, and feel happy, the healthier we become. "As children we were excited to see our first frogs," says Frogman. "They made us laugh when they jumped our way! We were curious about the strange way they felt; the odd way they moved and their simple contented look. I used to watch frogs at my pond in England, noting how each one had its own color markings, character, and even personality." "Frogs are fun creatures! I have tried to capture their individual spirit; their fun and their joy. Life is fun! I hope my art brings more happiness and joy into your life." — Tim Cotterill, The Frogman

FYI Here is a list of the frogs that "Frogman" Tim Cotterill has made: BF-1 No Name (Very Few Made) BF-2 No Name (Very Few Made) BF-3 Leg Over (500 Edition) BF-4 Peeking Over Large (1000 Edition) BF-5 Large Stretch (1000 Edition) BF-6 Thinker (5000 Edition- Retired Early) BF-7 Candle Stick (500 Edition -Retired Early) BF-8 Runt (5000 Edition) BF-9 Peeking Up (1000 Edition) BF-10 Showoff (2500 Edition) BF-11 Leg Over Small (1000 Edition) BF-12 Peeking Over Small (1000 Edition) BF-14 Jumping For Joy (500 Edition-Retired Early) BF-15 Leg Over Large (1000 Edition) BF-16 Bottoms Up (750 Edition-Retired Early) BF-17 Yo (750 Edition) BF-18 Speed (750 Edition-Retired Early) BF-19 Kalonite On the Ball (5000 Edition-Retired Early-Approximately 120 Produced) BF-20 Race (1000 Edition-Retired Early) BF-21 Leg Over Small (1000 Edition) BF-22 Watchful (1000 Edition) BF-23 On The Ball (1000 Edition-Retired Early) BF-24 Big Bill (100 Edition) BF-25 Stargazer (2000 Edition) BF-26 Ladies First (2000 Edition) BF-27 First Love (2000 Edition-Retired Early) BF-28 Stuck Up (2000 Edition-First Wall Hanging Frog) BF-29 Focused (2000 Edition-Retired Early) BF-30 Large Social Climber (2000 Edition) BF-31 Big Foot (2000 Edition- Retired Early- Owl) BF-32 Gotcha (2000 Edition-Retired Early) BF-33 Small Social Climber (2000 Edition) BF-34 Stretch (2000 Edition) BF-35 DragonFly (2000 Edition) BF-36 Red Twist (2000 Edition) BF-37 Dinner For Two (Edition 2000) BF-38 Bashful (2000 Edition) BF-39 What's Up (2000 Edition) BF-41 Over The Edge (2000 Edition) BF-42 Tad (2000 Edition) BF-43 Beetle Brunch (Edition 2000) BF-44 Leap Frog (Edition 5000) BF-45 Willie Jump (Edition 500) BF-46 Stealth (Edition 5000) BF-47 Fat Boy (Edition 5000) BF-48 High Five (Edition 5000) BF-49 Pollywogg (5000 Edition) BF-50 Hide and Seek (Edition (5000) BF-51 Wake Up Call (5000 Edition-Retired Early-Rooster) BF-52 Little Wally (Edition 5000) BF-53 Todd (5000 Edition) BF-54 Toady (Edition 5000) BF-55 Dimples (Edition 5000) BF-56 Ready, Set, Go (Edition 5000) BF-57 Flipper (Edition 5000) BF-58 Prowler (750 Edition) BF-59 Peek-A-Boo (5000 Edition-Retired Early) BF-60 Dart (750 Edition-Released with Tim's first book as a number set) BF-61 Eavesdropper (5000 Edition-Retired Early) BF-62 Newt (2000 Edition-Retired) BF-63 Hung Over (Edition 5000) BF-64 Poloka (Edition 500- 250 Blue 250 Green) BF-65 High Four (5000 Edition) BF-66 Sneaky Pete (Edition 5000) BF-67 Snack Attack (Edition 5000) BF-68 Over The Top (Edition 750) BF-69 Enzo (25-Green 25- Yellow 349-Red) BF-70 Let's Do Lunch (Edition 250) (Artist Proof Edition has butterfly instead of caterpillar) BF-71 Scout (Edition 5000) BF-72 Cliff Hanger (Edition 2000) BF-73 Albert (Edition 1000) BF-74 Hopscotch (Edition 1000) BF-75 Drake (Edition 1000) BF-76 Slip-n-Slide (Edition 1000) BF-77 Frenchie (Edition 1000) BF-78 Steppin' Out (Edition 1000) BF-79 Pippin (1000-Edition) BF-80 Duke (Edition 1000) BF-81 Splish Splash (Edition 500 Platinum Edition Frog) BF-82 Dingley Dell (Edition 500- Platinum Edition Frog) BF-83 Lily (Edition 5000- This color retired early) BF-83 Lily II (Remainder of Lily Edition in new color) BF-84 Lotus (Edition 5000- This color retired early) BF-84 Lotus (Remainder of Lotus Edition in new color) BF-85 Zen (Edition 5000) (Artist Proof Edition hangs on wall) BF-86 High Dive (Edition 5000) BF-87 Spencer III (Edition 500) BF-88 Jungle Jim (250 Edition-Platinum Gallery Frog) BF-89 Tulip (500 Edition-Sold Out Upon Release!) BF-90 Bamboo (750 Edition- Released with Tim's second book along with a Signed Sketch all with matching numbers) BF-91 Le Reve (200 Edition-Natural Wax finish- 100% of Proceeds donated to the Ripple Effect Foundation) BF-92 Pebbles (2000 Edition- 500 in Four Colors- Red, Yellow, Blue, Green- Retired Early) BF-93 Emerald (Edition 2000) BF-94 Gem (Edition 2000) BF-95 Romeo (Edition 2000) BF-96 Topsy Truvy (500 Edition-250 Pewter 250 Green- Platinum Gallery Frog) BF-97 El Gordo (500 Edition- Platinum Gallery Frog) BF-98 Free Spirit (Edition 1000) BF-99 Violet and Ivy (500 Edition-250 in Purple 250 In Green- Platinum Gallery Frog) BF-100 Hibiscus (2000 Edition) BF-101 Tango (500 Edition) BF-102 Tag (2500 Edition) BF-103 Winston (1000 Edition) BF-104 Pond Pals (2500 Edition) BF-105 Zorro (2500 Edition) BF-106 Blue Bayou (2000 Edition) BF-107 Hangin' Out (1000 Edition-500 in Green 500 In Blue- Platinum Gallery Frog) BF-108 Starr & Sundance (500 Edition-250 in Red 250 in Copper- Platinum Gallery Frog) BF-109 Hang Loose (1000 Edition- Platinum Gallery Frog) BF-110 Rendezvous (Edition 500) BF-111 Ace (Edition 2000- This color was retired early) BF-111 Ace II (Remainder of Ace Edition in new color) BF-112 Out On A Limb (Edition 2000) BF-113 Lil' Prince and Lil' Rascal (Edition 1000- 500 in Green 500 in Blue- Platinum Edition Frog) BF-114 Juliet (Edition 5000) BF-115 Paradise (Edition 2000) BF-116 Flash (Edition 2000) BF-117 Vanquish (Edition 200 Stainless Steel) BF-118 Sprout (Edition 5000) BF-119 Bugsy (Edition 5000) BF-120 Darcy and Dodger (Edition 500- 250 in Green 250 in Blue- UK Release) BF-121 Harmony (Edition 200- Platinum Edition Frog) BF-122 Temptation (Edition 500) BF-123 Cupid (Edition 5000) BF-124 Quantum Leap (Edition 750) BF-125 Jitterbug (Edition 2000) BF-126 Morning Glory (Edition 2000) BF-127 Prince Charming (Edition 2000) BF-128 Twister (Edition 5000) BF-129 Hiding Out (Edition 2000) BF-130 Cosmos (Edition 5000) BF-131 Papillon (Edition 750) (Artist Proof edition only Stainless and Bronze combination) BF-132 The Islanders- Tortola-Red Fiji-Green Bali-Violet Maui-Pink Tahiti-Blue (Edition 1000 each) BF-133 Whimsy, Zest and Flair (1000 Edition each Green, Orange and Blue) BF-134 The Kiss (Edition 5000) BF-135 Turtle Creek (Edition 750) (Artist Proof edition reverse colors on the frogs and Turtle) Thank you for visiting our Official “Frogman” website. Enjoy shopping our Frogman Online Gallery. You will find value through direct Artist Pricing. To protect the value of your Frogman sculpture, “Frogman” does not allow any gallery or website to sell Frogman artwork at a lower price than the Artist Price you will find here. You will also find Quality through a 100% Frogman Guarantee. I am proud of the beauty and fine craftsmanship of Tim Cotterill sculptures, and I want my collectors to be pleased. You can purchase with Confidence. Enjoy my Online Gallery where friendly staff and fine service make shopping pure fun. Frogman R Frogs Gallery is an official website for Tim Cotterill, the artist known throughout the world as Frogman. Frogman sculpture is famous for its elegance, beauty and style. Frogman, Tim Cotterill, has been sculpting bronze frogs, bronze koi and bronze geckos for the last 20 years in Venice, California. His Frogman art is sold in Frogman galleries around the world. The size of the frog sculpture ranges from very small for his Mini Collection up to 12 feet tall for his bronze Frog Monument called Bamboo. The bronze sculpture is created in the Frogman sculpture studio. Look over this website at some of the other sculpture for other gift ideas. Many people have been inspired by Tim Cotterill and write to him. Because Tim Cotterill is an unusual name, we have heard he referred to as Tim Coteril the Frog man, Tim Cotteril the Frogman, Tim Coterril the Frogman, Tim Contrell the Frog Man, Tim Cottrill the Frogman, Tim Cotrill the Frogman, and even Tim Frogman. If you wish to contact Tim, we are more than happy to relay any messages to him as he does not have his own website, nor even own a computer for that matter.

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