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The Art of Bronzing!
As one of Frogman Tim Cotterill's biggest fans, Lisa husband, Jon began collecting Cotterill sculptures in 1994 while on a ski trip out west.

With a Masters degree in photography, Jon Perkins ran a highly successful high-end portrait studio and framing gallery for over 24 years.
In 2004 Lisa decided it was a good time for her to start a business. Owning an art gallery was something she always wanted to do. Lisa started "R Frogs Gallery" LLC to help distribute the sculptures of one of Jon's favorite artists. The result has been fantastic and R Frogs now has two locations and a full line of artists, with the main one still being Tim Cotterill.

Just like many Tim Cotterill enthusiasts, Jon's hobby of collecting "Frogman" sculptures became a joyous obsession. It seemed an obvious choice for Lisa to sell something both she and Jon loved, and decided to make Tim Cotterill's prestigious work the focal point of R Frogs Gallery.

R Frogs Gallery has grown to become a high end gallery that specializes in the work of "Tim Cotterill". They have visited Tim at his design studio/Home and are always on top of what is happening next with "Frogman". R Frogs is committed to providing their clients with immediate access to all current editions and hard to find pieces, while stocking all current, non-sold out editions at the lowest retail price available.

Overall, R Frogs Gallery's goal is to share with their customers the enjoyment of collecting the work of the world-famous "Frogman," Tim Cotterill. Visit the "ART" page to look over their wide selection of Cotterill work.
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